Who is Amous Anon

I am the mother of 5 kids.  I grew up in a really crappy home, with really crappy parents.  Well, crappy parents and super crappy step-parents.  My only goal in life was to be a better parent.  I hope I've done that. 


I am a middle/high school teacher.  It's been 15+ long years and I've seen lots of stuff.  I try to help as many kids as I can.  I'm sure I've fallen short.  But tomorrow is a new day.


I loves kids.  I believe that there are no bad kids, only bad behaviors.  Behaviors can be changed.  I do believe that there are bad parents.  Parents have bad habits and aren't willing to change.  Kids are pliable, teachable, and willing and ready to change.


No, Amous Anon is not my real name.  The stories in my book are real.  I didn't add any fluff.  In a effort to protect my privacy, I've created Amous.  This isn't a bad thing.  I'm not hiding.  I'm actually putting it all out there for you.