The other day my daughter came up to me, concerned that her good friend was planning on running away. She asked if she could send him my book. I agreed. A week later, I asked her if Dylan had read the book. She just shrugged. Later that week, she was so proud that Dylan had quit smoking. A month later she was celebrating Dylan's month of sobriety. The following week she was shocked when Dylan joined the wrestling team. "Dylan seems so happy," she beamed. Dylan had read my book. Things are better, not perfect, but better.

So how long did it take you to come back to this site?

How bad did it get?

How many more bruises on your soul did you receive?

Are you serious now?

Are you ready?

You've visited the self-help section and have obeyed my rules?

Obeying rules that make you a better person aren't really rules are they?

Read on. Get ready. Be prepared.

This little book is the ultimate guide to running away. Now wait, before you think I'm crazy, let me explain. I know that anyone can be successful if they are given the right tools they need to succeed. This book is just that; a no nonsense approach to a subject that kids need to be informed about. Stories, truth, and checklists help kids decide if running away is a plausible choice for them.

An Update on Dylan: I just found out that not only did Dylan graduate from high school, but he has enlisted in the Army. He was in basic training the last I heard...