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Teenager’s Guide to Running Away

Why TGRTA AKA Bob's Book Of Poetry?  Well, you can't really have a book around with the title Teenager's Guide to Running Away...Can you??? I love the poem on the back...

Planning on running away? Well, it’s time to get real. Real advice, real help, real world. Been there, done that, no nonsense information and guides. If you scour the internet, believe it or not, this information isn’t there. Why does running away have to be bad? Prepared teenagers can become successful adults, with the right tools. Follow some simple hardcore rules and success and freedom are not easy to attain, but are attainable. This is definitely a self-help book for those who feel helpless, alone, and stuck.

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A little about the Author: Amous Anon was born to dysfunctional parents in a dysfunctional world. After years of teaching teenagers and watching them make poor, if not stupid, choices, she decided to write this book to help teenagers succeed in a world that is against them.