My Dream: 

To distribute a free copy of TGTRA to every high school in the state of Georgia as a resource for those wanting to run away.

A couple of years ago, my daughter came to me with a concern that her good friend was planning on running away. She asked if she could send him my book. I agreed. A week later, I asked her if Dylan had read the book. She just shrugged. Later that week, she was so proud that Dylan had quit smoking. A month later she was celebrating Dylan's month of sobriety. The following week she was shocked when Dylan joined the wrestling team. "Dylan seems so happy," she beamed. Dylan had read my book. Things were better, not perfect, but better. Dylan has since graduated from high school and is in the military. 

Maybe others need some help too. I know they do. 

The state of Georgia has over 475 high schools, serving over 370,000 teenagers. I would like to provide a free copy of my book, The Teenager's Guide to Running Away, as a resource to those who are thinking of running away. I am hoping to acquire funds to print and distribute my book, free of charge, to high schools around the state. 

My long term goal would be to find at risk schools throughout the country and provide them with copies of my book.